Please share your thoughts: Would the so called “developing countries” get “developed” status by 2114?

Please share your thoughts: Would the so called “developing countries” get “developed” status by 2114?

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Please share your thoughts…

I think they would if they prioritize the importance of education as G7 countries do.
Education is the only tool that can bring the change with in one generation, this was told by many popular leaders we adore but nothing major happened along these lines.

Pre-college education being the most neglected area in the ‘under developed countries’, (I am being realistic) most people in the rural areas(>85%) never step-in or get through this weakest link.

Nobel peace prize committee set right example by selecting Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi for its much coveted prize. Both these people are exclusively work for promoting pre-college education of the children. Bringing Nobel peace prize wasn’t even celebrated as much as winning a local cricket match in India and Pakistan. I think this is pathetic situation. Let’s do our part, salute these super heroes: Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi.


Congratulations to Swapna…

First time in the history of the ZP High School, Kurmapally….
I am proud to announce that we were able to send Swapna from our project school to “Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies” formerly called “IIIT”( This is truly exciting experience to me being a high school kid myself. We salute to our onsite Co-ordinator, Srinivas Konam for his hard work and dedication. This is first time in the history of the school, sending its student to a professional college.

At the end of this swapna-iiitsix year integrated program, Swapna will be a computer engineer, she also happens to be the first in her family going to the college.

We encourage you to send congratulations in the commments to Swapna or send an email This would mean lot to them.

Bus full of schoolchildren crushed to death: We demand Rs.2 crore per child as compensation and investigation with retired supreme court judge


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The Masaipet school bus accident is brutal, and happened due to criminal negligence on somebody’s part. This should not be left like the other similar incidents in the past. Public memory is short lived and media doesn’t seem to care after a month. They always have more important news to talk about. Every body got used to how these brutal incidents are handled including the parents of the deceased. This incident needs to be investigated with a retired supreme court judge not with railway police or local police.

If the justice is not served in our own country, there is nothing wrong to take it to the international streets. This is like cancer- if you don’t find a specialist in our own country to treat you should find someone in Singapore, USA or anywhere on the earth.

The routine sympathy and few lakhs of rupees as compensation is not justifiable. My blood boiled, tears in my eyes when I watched the discussion about this in the Loksabha, they are arguing about 2 lakhs vs 5 lakhs compensation, not the children in blood bath, weeping mothers. The punishment should fit the crime. At least 2 crore rupees/child need to be paid. I understand this is huge amount but the penalties should scare this kind of negligence by school management, railways or any government.

If the central government doesn’t take action on this, We will take it to the notice of international agencies.